Portrait of Will McEnery shot by Jeff Rampe.

Photo by Jeff Rampe
His Website

I was born in Jacksonville, Florida and moved to Maine with my family when I was still in kindergarten. I've been here pretty much since, unfortunately. I'm passionate about digital painting, creative writing and reading. I'm a big fan of hard sci-fi , horror (No one ever gets my H.P. Lovecraft jokes...), and satire books (Terry Pratchett is a genius). My biggest guilty pleasure is contemporary fantasy- books, TV shows, movies and games- it doesn't matter I probably love it. When I'm not rapidly consuming fantasy media I enjoy cycling and listening to objectively bad music. I'd really like to develop something amazing and innovative, get rich and sit around doing nothing (Don't lie, if you were rich you'd do the same thing). Maybe build an island (yes, build-- natural islands are so passé) with my inevitable and ridiculous wealth.

Creative Statement

I decided to study New Media because I always knew what I wanted to do- I just didn't have a name to put on it. I guess I never considered calling it “New Media” because I was born into it. I've got a bit of a fascination with Transhumanism- as a cultural movement I find it absolutely thrilling in concept. The idea of a human experience elevated by technology is probably one of my biggest goals going to New Media. Blurring the lines between digital and physical is something I'd love to accomplish in such as way that digital and physical are distinctions without a difference. Besides that, another one of my greatest inspirations is the Federal Reserve Bank in New York city. It's filled with gold.