The Death of Physical Currency

The Rise of Global United

Produced by William McEnery

The Unification of Currency

Produced by Julianna Vezza

A Local Perspective

Produced by Michael Kelley

Global United: A Dystopia?

Produced by Jeff Rampe

You Can't Live Without It

Produced by Evan Deschenes

The Death of Physical currency imagines a unified global future. As we become more and more connected, and the web becomes more and pervasive all of our services will move online. In this future there is one global currency, which is entirely digital and all of your fiances will be managed by a single global account that is assigned at birth. However, is the cost of this convenience too high? How much privacy can be jusifiably sacrificed?

Is Global United too powerful?

Group 7 Members: Julianna Vezza, William McEnery, Jeffrey Rampe, Michael Kelley, Evan Deschenes

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